Concept Design

Good ideas are always valuable but their good description can be even priceless. IT-SEA will help you to brainstorm your needs, provide new concepts and propose the best way to obtain your goals.

Feasibility Study

Before you start spending your money check first if the idea is worth a penny. A good study summarizing all pros and cons will save your time and nerves. IT-SEA can do the job.

Technical Specification

"Win-win" games designed to benefit all participants are possible only if rules are clear. IT-SEA uses Testlink tool in order to collect and execute all requirements.

Project Management

A voyage is successful with a reliable route and its "Shipmaster". IT-SEA applies Prince2 and IPMA best practices in order to bring each project precisely to the successful end.


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Working on: VHFnet

radiocommunication console

Low-cost VHF safety network

The idea is to create an open framework supporting network of VHF scanners watching the marine channel 16VHF. Automatic detection system acts when a distress call is received and forward it to the nearest rescue centre. Main goals are price (~250euro) and power consumption (~1Wh) per node.